Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Custom Order : Frog, Cat and Rabbit Bag

Hello, Fili here :)

About a month ago, my friend asked me to make a custom order bag with the shape of a frog, rabbit and cat. Here is the design:

She ordered it for personal use and for gift to her friends. The head is the main bag, while the body is just an additional part. She wanted a multifunction bag, so the bag can be a backpack or a sling bag, depends on how the bag handle placed. So I designed the square ring to be positioned like this:

The bag string format

Unfortunately there was a bit problem with this format, the bag is not held properly so the shape is not very firm. I poke Lino and she give me a brilliant idea, she think I must add more square ring not in the middle top part of the "face", but in the ear part.

Thanks to Lino the bag now can be held properly :)




That's it. Sorry for the crappy images *I think I need to learn mooore about photography*.
Ciao, see you next time!


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