Monday, April 7, 2014

Tutorial: Milk Box to Pencil Case


It's been ages since the last time we made any tutorial. This time, we made a pretty basic DIY project that has been done for million times, but this time, we use scrap fabrics instead of paper or fabrics.

Before you ask, no, we are not paid by Greenfields. I'm just too lazy to censor the brand of the milk. 

My desk in the office is pretty dull. Nothing colourful nor fancy on top of the desk. Then I thought, why not making something that's pretty useful yet looks... different? So I took this milk box from my office's trash bin, cleaned it, dried it, brought it back home. Combined with scrap fabrics that I had, voila! This is the result.

The "ingredients"
- used milk box
- scrap fabrics
- fusible interfacing
- glue
- scissor, ruler, cutter,the usual stuffs

How to make