Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tutorial: Folded Two Compartment Pouch/clutch


What happened? Two posts in a week? Yup, and we even have a tutorial post! This time we would like to share a tutorial for a folded-two compartment pouch. If you have made pouches before, this one is a very simple one. Just a twist from the usual pouch. This pouch actually only has one compartment, but since the zipper is in the middle, we can fold it into two and voila, now you have two compartments!

Friday, September 19, 2014

That Blue Dress


Again, sorry for not updating this blog pretty often. Fili is busy with all the custom order and bazaar preparation while I just came back from three weeks vacation to the eastern part of Indonesia. Amazing place, I recommend you all to visit Flores, East Nusatenggara.

But today I'm not going to talk about my trip. I'm going to talk about the dress that I made. In the beginning, I just wanted to sew something, anything, any project. But after I saw the result, I decided to use the dress to go to my cousin's wedding reception in Bali.

Those two good looking men are my little cousins. They grew up too fast, too fast! And yup, this is the view from the wedding venue, which was exactly on the Nusa Dua beach.