Friday, February 19, 2016

Twin Tote Bag

Hello, Fili here!

This week I had a little adventure with a Twin Tote Bag. This bag is different from the previous totes that I made because it's two bags made into one.

The bag has two main bodies with one pocket on each sides and one hidden pocket in the middle. The sewing method is like sewing a twin pouch but with a few modification. The bag has a volume (previous twin pouch that I made is really simple and didn't have any volume). I had some difficulties with the top squares, the zipper made it difficult  to sew on the wrong side. I decided to sew the top corner in the inside and covered it with bias binding (always trust bias binding to help your day!).

That's my little sewing adventure this week, see you next time!

Fili & Lino