Sunday, September 29, 2013

Random Rambling Sunday: Flowers, flowers everywhere

Hola, Lino here.

This is gonna be a very short post. I'm pretty much swamped in hundred of things that I have to do. Nevertheless, it's sunday, means it's Random Rambling Sunday time!

Today I would like to show you most of the flowers that we've made so far:

Flowers everywhere!

Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Rambling Sunday: Numbers don't lie

Night, Fili here :)

I'll talk about double zippers pouch this time.

One of our customer requested this double zipper pouch. We never made this kind of pouch before so we had to figure out how to make this pouch. After some trial and error, I finally figured how to make it. It's true when I said that I got headache in three days in row when I made this pouch. The result pouch was not very neat and symmetrical, it's really frustrating! After some examination here and there, I found out that my main problem is my inaccuracy. Accurate measurement is really important when making this pouch. Since I'm pretty careless with measurement, this pouch is really a challenging one. I'm someone who rely on my instinct too much! 

There are still some flaw about the trick on making this pouch. There are some difficulties appear in some step so I need to find out more. Though it is still a long way to go to perfect the trick, for now, I've learned my lesson: accurate measurement helps a lot.

See you Later!


Sunday, September 8, 2013

Random Rambling Sunday: Stands!

Dear fellow Crafters,

Sorry we still haven't prepared any new tutorials or post about stuffs that we made. However, there are pretty much lots of interesting stuffs that we are going to make. Hopefully in our next post,we can share a little bit about those stuffs :D

For our third Random Rambling Sunday series, I would like to share some photos from events where we took part.

The first one is our first bazaar in a hospital. We were pretty crazy preparing the products since we also have to made all the orders in the same time. Even though we didn't sell too many things, we learnt lots of things. We prepared pretty much lots of kanzashi, some bags and accessories.

Our next bazaar is in a university in Bandung, West Java. This time, we have more products to display. Unfortunately we don't have any documentation for this event. Do you see the "flower pot" on the left? We hang our flower on a tree branch and "plant" it in a flower pot.

Last but not least, with a help of a friend, we finally "expand" our market to Canberra, Australia. These are the photos of the products that we brought to Canberra.

And these are the photos of the stand at ANU Open Day 2013.

Uhhuuyy! We had fun doing bazaar and we're planning to do more. But at the same time, with my schedule with work, the amount of custom order and the lack of supporting staff, we are still struggling to fulfil all the demand for bazaar and reseller. However, we are trying our best to create and make more, including blog posts XD


Lino from Fili&Lino

Sunday, September 1, 2013

4th Giveaway Winner!

The online random picker has spoken. We would like to announce the winner of our 4th giveaway contest.

Beating not less than 27 people, the winner of our 4th giveaway contest is:

*insert drum rolls here*

Random Rambling Sunday 2: Make it Balanced!


Now it's my turn, Fili, to ramble in this lovely sunday.

When I started 'Fili&Lino' with Lino, I slowly built my interest in mix-and-matching colors. I'm not used to it because I usually made something based on the need. I usually make something with simple design withut thinking much about the fabric. When we started working together, Lino kindly gave me advices on how to mix and match fabrics, what work best with the pattern, the colors, etc. At the moment, I have interest in Pastel color palette; the more I observed, the more I fell in love with it. I feel like each color has certain character and finding how these colors work with each other is a pretty interesting process. I learned that no matter how many colors or patterns combined, the most important thing is to keep the balance, and to find that balance, you just have to keep on trying until you find that perfect combination :D

That's all for now. Have a nice Sunday, everyone!