Monday, September 23, 2013

Random Rambling Sunday: Numbers don't lie

Night, Fili here :)

I'll talk about double zippers pouch this time.

One of our customer requested this double zipper pouch. We never made this kind of pouch before so we had to figure out how to make this pouch. After some trial and error, I finally figured how to make it. It's true when I said that I got headache in three days in row when I made this pouch. The result pouch was not very neat and symmetrical, it's really frustrating! After some examination here and there, I found out that my main problem is my inaccuracy. Accurate measurement is really important when making this pouch. Since I'm pretty careless with measurement, this pouch is really a challenging one. I'm someone who rely on my instinct too much! 

There are still some flaw about the trick on making this pouch. There are some difficulties appear in some step so I need to find out more. Though it is still a long way to go to perfect the trick, for now, I've learned my lesson: accurate measurement helps a lot.

See you Later!



  1. Dompetnya bagus mbak dan rapi, oakah akan di share pola dan cara buatnya? ...

    1. Halo mba, maaf lama membalas. Tutorial pembuatannya bisa dicek disini: