Sunday, October 28, 2012

The old days...

Another blog post by Lino. This time, I would like to share some stuffs that I found when I was digging my wardrobe XD

So, I've been crafting since a very young age. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I was one of the most meticulous student in origami-ing. When I was in fifth grade, I had a math project where I had to make a cube, cylinder and a box. I had to make sure that all the sides are perfectly folded without any excessive glue in the joint. I didn't like it if the box/cube/cylinder wasn't perfect! And if you ask me what I want to be when I was in primary - junior high, I would answer: To have my own paper store.

I was obsessed with papers. I LOVE paper crafts and I love cute papers. I love making card boxes, greeting cards, or anything with papers and cards since I was a little kid. It became my prime obsession for years (besides a cappella, of course). 

So two days ago, I dig my wardrobe and my drawers, and found the old crafts that I did way back years ago. I might make it again and may be make a tutorial on these?

First, the superbly easy pencil box made of milk box and jeans. I barely remember when did I made this. It feels like I already have it since forever. Probably I made it when I was in my junior high - senior high? Means around 9-12 years ago!


You can see that the back side has some weird colour in the bottom half. I think it was wet with something. Nevertheless, this box survived for at least 9 years already. 

Next, I was featured on Cosmo!Girl magazine when I was in senior high. Some of the products that was featured are:

Next, one of my most "popular" product that also featured on Cosmo!Girl magazine was photo frame. I was obsessed and soo much in love with photo frame. This is what I made at that time: a six panel frame covered with medium thick paper.

Another one that I made is an "abstract" bookmark. I made this bookmark from Japanese papers, and the quality is very good! It's still in shape and in colour, even after a decade!

The last but not least, my big A6 size note book. I even made one covered with jeans that became my *supposed to be* travel journal when I went to Japan, but I'm too lazy I didn't continue writing on it

So. yeah, that's my blast from the past crafts. Since I'm more into fabric now, I might combine both of my crafting experience into something new.

What do you think?


Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Fabric Flower 1

It's only been three days since our last tutorial and we already made a new one! This time, it's for beginner crafters who never or have basic crafting experience: fabric flowers. You can turn these fabric flowers into anything that you want, from embellishing your clothes, head bands, bags, or even for scrapbooking and home decor. 

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fili&Lino Giveaway Competition 1

Yes, Fili&Lino is having a giveaway competition! We will have two giveaway competition. This will be our first, and the next will be out in the first week of November 2012.

The prize? A set of blue-green reversible tote bag, pencil case and mobile phone case, 

and a special prize for people with the highest number of entries.

Who are eligible?

Everyone, where ever you are. This competition is open worldwide.


Basically there are two things that you have to do to be eligible to join the contest: 1. promote Fili&Lino 2. Answer a question. 


This competition is open for one week, from Wednesday, 24 October 2012 - 31 October 2012, 23:59 GMT +07:00. Please be careful of the time zone.

The details

1. Promote Fili&Lino in social media. For example, share Fili&Lino Facebook Page in your page, follow our Twitter and retweet our competition, put our products on Pinterest, promote our etsy site on plurk or tumblr, or any kind of promo. The details are:

- Each promotion in a social media will be counted as 1 entry. 
- The more you have entry, the bigger your chance to win the competition. 
- If you are a past customer of Fili&Lino, you will automatically have one entry. 
- If you purchase Fili&Lino products within the time frame, you will also have additional 1 entry. 
- If you decided to only have one entry (promote Fili&Lino only in one social media), that is perfectly fine. However, even if you are our customer and already have an entry, you will still need to do the promotion.
- We will have a special prize for customer with most entries

2. Once you already do the promotion, even though some of them are trackable (especially in facebook and twitter), do not forget to report to us where did you do the promotion, so we can count how many entries you will have. If it's possible, provide the link or screenshots. You can simply mention us on twitter or use the hashtag #filiandlino, post on our FB wall, comment on our blog, or send us e-mail to 

3. In the same time with the entry report, please attach also your answer for this question: What's the most challenging craft that you've done, and what kind of craft that you would love to do? If it's possible, please suggest what kind of craft tutorial that you would like to see in our blog.  

How to decide the winner

Each entry will be put to to generate a random number, then a number will be generated from to have the winner. 

So, what are you waiting for? 




Sunday, October 21, 2012

Tutorial: Fabric Flower Headband from Scrap Fabrics

I was very inspired by a photo that I saw on Pinterest, it's a hand made card featured on my favorite card making website, twopeasinabucket. If you love card making (like I do), this website (and their youtube channel) is a must to visit!

So what I did exactly? I used some of my small sized scrap fabric to make a fabric flower headband. This headband is completely different from what I used to make. Since I suck at drawing, I designed it on my mind, tried it, and voila, a success (at least for me)!

Please bear in mind that:
1. I'm not a native English speaker
2. I only got 6 for my IELTS writing test

Thus, if you find any weird grammar or wording, please let me know.
Also, based on my research, Indonesian are known to be very loose about measurement, which now I realize it very much. So if this tutorial is lacking measurement, you know why.

Without further ado, here is our first tutorial!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fabric bracelet

It's Lino's turn to post in this blog.

I'm not really sure since when I'm interested in fabrics accessories and jewellery. For me, fabric made accessories and jewellery are unique. It can be made from millions of patterned fabric in various colours, it can be used in a  wide range occasions, it can also be combined with other materials. Not to mention if it's dirty, it can be washed!

My journey in fabric accessories making started around six months ago, when I started to learn how to make fabric flowers. From then, I made lots of variety, one of them is fabric bracelet. This fabric bracelet is very simple yet I found it very endearing. I used a stripe of fabric from my old T-shirt, my friends' daughter's clothes, a scrap fabric and a new fabric, then braided it. Add some cute charms, and voila, here it is!

So that's all from me today. 

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recycled Jeans Bag

Morning, Fili here :)

About a week ago, I had a day off. I decided to spent a quality time for myself: I made a bag from a jeans that I couldn't use any more.

It was gift from my sister and it was very lovely, so I didn't want to give it or throw it away. Because my previous bag is already dull, I decided to make a new bag from this jeans. Plus, I've wanted to do this for quite a time. The plan is to transform this jeans into a backpack. First, I cut the jeans into several parts and split the back pockets so I could use it for new pockets in the front.

The other part of the jeans was used for the bag handles and the flap. Because the jeans itself was not big enough, I added extra fabrics to complete this bag, a flowery one. I wanted  to add some colour to this bag :)

I also added two knots on both sides so I can upgrade the size of the bag.

The back is shadowed, caused by the removed pocket ^^;. This bag can keep a lot of stuff but because I just follow the original form and didn't add any linings, it is not sturdy enough. When the bag is full, it turns into a big

See you next time :)


Monday, October 8, 2012

Coming soon!

Yes, Fili&Lino will start their online craft business soon. We are still in the process of finalising everything, but we guarantee that we will start our service soon :)

Our products ranging from small accessories such as brooch, necklace, hair band, to custom made bags, dolls and jackets. Basically, anything related to fabric, we are able to make it. We will post our products in our etsy store, but at the moment, we are still struggling with the payment system and so on.

Meanwhile, please be patient, and enjoy our blog.



The 24 Daruma Pouches Project

Last Saturday, filiandlino had a mini gathering with fellow friends who have similar interest with us (what kind of interest, we'd rather not say :D). A week before the gathering we decided to make some souvenirs for friends who come to the gathering. After a short discussion through y!m, we decided that we will make daruma pouch.

What is daruma? We believe wikipedia can explain it better than us. Basically, it's a traditional Japanese doll/toy/symbol. Why we choose daruma? Simply because it has something to do with the gathering and our common interest. But daruma is quite detailed, so we decided to cut lots of details and made a simple one. We made the pouch from our remnants in eight colours: red, green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink and black. If you see the photos, you can see different styles between green - blue - orange - red and yellow - black - purple - pink, simply because fili and lino have different type of fabric remnants XD The final size is also different because even though both fili and lino used the same pattern, fili used overlocker to finish the edge while lino used french seam.

The result?


There are not exactly 24 daruma pouch in this photo because some friends already took some of the pouches. It is a very simple one, nevertheless, we were happy to make it.

So, here it is, Fili&Lino's first project :)