Monday, October 8, 2012

The 24 Daruma Pouches Project

Last Saturday, filiandlino had a mini gathering with fellow friends who have similar interest with us (what kind of interest, we'd rather not say :D). A week before the gathering we decided to make some souvenirs for friends who come to the gathering. After a short discussion through y!m, we decided that we will make daruma pouch.

What is daruma? We believe wikipedia can explain it better than us. Basically, it's a traditional Japanese doll/toy/symbol. Why we choose daruma? Simply because it has something to do with the gathering and our common interest. But daruma is quite detailed, so we decided to cut lots of details and made a simple one. We made the pouch from our remnants in eight colours: red, green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, pink and black. If you see the photos, you can see different styles between green - blue - orange - red and yellow - black - purple - pink, simply because fili and lino have different type of fabric remnants XD The final size is also different because even though both fili and lino used the same pattern, fili used overlocker to finish the edge while lino used french seam.

The result?


There are not exactly 24 daruma pouch in this photo because some friends already took some of the pouches. It is a very simple one, nevertheless, we were happy to make it.

So, here it is, Fili&Lino's first project :)

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