Sunday, October 28, 2012

The old days...

Another blog post by Lino. This time, I would like to share some stuffs that I found when I was digging my wardrobe XD

So, I've been crafting since a very young age. I remember when I was in kindergarten, I was one of the most meticulous student in origami-ing. When I was in fifth grade, I had a math project where I had to make a cube, cylinder and a box. I had to make sure that all the sides are perfectly folded without any excessive glue in the joint. I didn't like it if the box/cube/cylinder wasn't perfect! And if you ask me what I want to be when I was in primary - junior high, I would answer: To have my own paper store.

I was obsessed with papers. I LOVE paper crafts and I love cute papers. I love making card boxes, greeting cards, or anything with papers and cards since I was a little kid. It became my prime obsession for years (besides a cappella, of course). 

So two days ago, I dig my wardrobe and my drawers, and found the old crafts that I did way back years ago. I might make it again and may be make a tutorial on these?

First, the superbly easy pencil box made of milk box and jeans. I barely remember when did I made this. It feels like I already have it since forever. Probably I made it when I was in my junior high - senior high? Means around 9-12 years ago!


You can see that the back side has some weird colour in the bottom half. I think it was wet with something. Nevertheless, this box survived for at least 9 years already. 

Next, I was featured on Cosmo!Girl magazine when I was in senior high. Some of the products that was featured are:

Next, one of my most "popular" product that also featured on Cosmo!Girl magazine was photo frame. I was obsessed and soo much in love with photo frame. This is what I made at that time: a six panel frame covered with medium thick paper.

Another one that I made is an "abstract" bookmark. I made this bookmark from Japanese papers, and the quality is very good! It's still in shape and in colour, even after a decade!

The last but not least, my big A6 size note book. I even made one covered with jeans that became my *supposed to be* travel journal when I went to Japan, but I'm too lazy I didn't continue writing on it

So. yeah, that's my blast from the past crafts. Since I'm more into fabric now, I might combine both of my crafting experience into something new.

What do you think?


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