Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Fili&Lino here, reporting the bazaar that we just had three weeks ago.

So for the first time, we were at an office bazaar, means a bazaar in a office (duh?) that went for three days. We would like to share some photos and little bit stories behind our first bazaar. Since we knew we're going to be at a bazaar, we already prepared some stocks and (finally!) bought a knock down shelf for product display. In the beginning, we only planned to be at one bazaar, but we ended up being at two different bazaars, with only three days preparation between bazaars!

Without too much talking, here are some photos!

That's us, people!!

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Tutorial: Folded Two Compartment Pouch/clutch


What happened? Two posts in a week? Yup, and we even have a tutorial post! This time we would like to share a tutorial for a folded-two compartment pouch. If you have made pouches before, this one is a very simple one. Just a twist from the usual pouch. This pouch actually only has one compartment, but since the zipper is in the middle, we can fold it into two and voila, now you have two compartments!

Friday, September 19, 2014

That Blue Dress


Again, sorry for not updating this blog pretty often. Fili is busy with all the custom order and bazaar preparation while I just came back from three weeks vacation to the eastern part of Indonesia. Amazing place, I recommend you all to visit Flores, East Nusatenggara.

But today I'm not going to talk about my trip. I'm going to talk about the dress that I made. In the beginning, I just wanted to sew something, anything, any project. But after I saw the result, I decided to use the dress to go to my cousin's wedding reception in Bali.

Those two good looking men are my little cousins. They grew up too fast, too fast! And yup, this is the view from the wedding venue, which was exactly on the Nusa Dua beach.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scrapbooking time!


After a pretty dry month of blogging, we are finally back in business!

This time, I would like to share a scrapbook that I made for my boss who finished his working term here in Jakarta. At the office, we had a buunnccchh of unused invitation card in B6 size, so I thought, why not use those cards for scrapbook? My plan was to make an accordion book where I joined the pages only with washi tape. I never tried it before, so I was pretty excited!

Here are the photos!

Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Fili&Lino goes to Instagram!

Yes, we are aware that we are pretty bad at updating our blog. But believe us when we say we have some tutorials coming in the near future!

But first, we would like to make announcement. We finally surrender to the cuteness of instagram.
So if you have instagram, please feel free to follow us at @filiandlino (


Wednesday, July 2, 2014

2nd Anniversary Giveaway Winner!

Hello, everyone!

First of all, we would like say Happy Ramadan to all friends who celebrate it. Second, we are very sorry for the delay of the winner announcement. Nevertheless, here we are, announcing the winner of our 2nd Anniversary giveaway competition.

The winner for our postman bag is....


Congratulations, soon-mom-to-be Dantri! Your comments made us teary. Thank you very much for keep on supporting us during the past year.

As for the winner for the small pouch goes to....

KAT from

Congratulations! To Dantri and Kat, please send us your address so we can ship it as soon as possible <3

Thank you to everyone who participated on our giveaway contest. Please stay in tune because we will have more giveaways.

Warmest regards,


Wednesday, June 18, 2014

2nd Anniversary Giveaway!

Dear friends,

To celebrate Fili&Lino's second anniversary, there is nothing better than a giveaway competition! Two winners will get a postman bag or a pouch.

How? Very easy. Just tell us your comments/feedback/expectation/rambling/anything about Fili&Lino via e-mail or just post comment on this post down below. One best comment will win the postman bag, while one lucky winner will get the pouch. The lucky winner will be randomly chose by a random name picker.

This giveaway is open for one week until Wednesday 25 June 2014, 23:59 GMT+7. This giveaway competition is open worldwide.

So, what are you waiting for? Go grab these bag and pouch!

With love,


Sunday, June 15, 2014

2nd Anniversary!!

Fili&Lino is 2 years old today! Still a baby, but we are happy that at least, after 2 years, fili&lino are still here, doing what we love most: crafting. It wouldn't be happen without you friends who keep on reading our blog (even though we rarely post anything here ><) or following our stories on facebook and twitter.

So, thank you, to every one of you. We won't be here without you all.

As a gratitude to all of you, we are going to have a giveaway contest, but not now, soon. So stay tuned!

With lots of love,


Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tutorial: Double Zippers Pouch

Hello, it's Fili here :)

Mobile phone and digital camera are must-brought-items wherever I go.  It's easier to carry them when I use my double zippers pouch. The pouch has two part inside, side by side. Double zippers pouch is one of the most challenging items that I have made. Nonetheless, trying to make a double zippered pouch is fun! Especially when I managed to solve the mystery on how to make this pouch much easier and faster.

Without further ado, let's check the tutorial! And if you're interested, we have a pattern you can purchase in Here.


Monday, April 7, 2014

Tutorial: Milk Box to Pencil Case


It's been ages since the last time we made any tutorial. This time, we made a pretty basic DIY project that has been done for million times, but this time, we use scrap fabrics instead of paper or fabrics.

Before you ask, no, we are not paid by Greenfields. I'm just too lazy to censor the brand of the milk. 

My desk in the office is pretty dull. Nothing colourful nor fancy on top of the desk. Then I thought, why not making something that's pretty useful yet looks... different? So I took this milk box from my office's trash bin, cleaned it, dried it, brought it back home. Combined with scrap fabrics that I had, voila! This is the result.

The "ingredients"
- used milk box
- scrap fabrics
- fusible interfacing
- glue
- scissor, ruler, cutter,the usual stuffs

How to make

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random Rambling Sunday: Pink & Stripes


This is Fili and Lino, doing a combined post for a sewing - recycle project!

Once upon a time, when Lino was just learnt how to sew, she often wonder around op shops (Vinnies and Salvos) to find some bargain fabrics. She found a around 1.5 x. 1.5 m of red white stripe light jersey fabric for only $2. She then combined it with Chinese linen, a lovely fuchsia from Lincraft. Some blog search on how to make an easy dress, voila, this is the result!