Sunday, March 9, 2014

Random Rambling Sunday: Pink & Stripes


This is Fili and Lino, doing a combined post for a sewing - recycle project!

Once upon a time, when Lino was just learnt how to sew, she often wonder around op shops (Vinnies and Salvos) to find some bargain fabrics. She found a around 1.5 x. 1.5 m of red white stripe light jersey fabric for only $2. She then combined it with Chinese linen, a lovely fuchsia from Lincraft. Some blog search on how to make an easy dress, voila, this is the result!

(Yup, that's Lino, eating. Like always. Seriously, she eats a lot.)

But it's been three years, and the problem with Lino is that the dress wasn't fit anymore *coughgettingfattercough*. So she sent the handmade dress, along with other clothes that she didn't like/need anymore to Fili, with a hope that her magic hand would be able to create something from those clothes.

Somehow, from all the dresses, Fili picked this dress to be recycled. She wanted to make a sling bag that has different shape from the sling bag that she has made so far. Finally after some "thorough" research, she found the base of the bag shape that she wanted to make.

From the material, Fili could make a medium size sling bag (the one that can carry a wallet, an umbrella and some things that you need when go out) with some additional fabric.

The result is:

Fili did some miscalculation when she cut the fabric, the bag bottom has a little round shape that make the flap little bit bigger than the body of the bag, that caused the top of the bag a little bit stiff. But still, it was an amazing sling bag!

See you later!


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