Thursday, August 14, 2014

Scrapbooking time!


After a pretty dry month of blogging, we are finally back in business!

This time, I would like to share a scrapbook that I made for my boss who finished his working term here in Jakarta. At the office, we had a buunnccchh of unused invitation card in B6 size, so I thought, why not use those cards for scrapbook? My plan was to make an accordion book where I joined the pages only with washi tape. I never tried it before, so I was pretty excited!

Here are the photos!

So this is the photo of my floor BEFORE I started scrapbooking. As you can see, I covered the invitation with white gesso. I gesso-ed seven cards in which I use both of the sides. FYI, I bought the gesso in Australia. I'm pretty worried at the moment since the gesso is running out and I couldn't find it here in Jakarta.

After I gesso-ed the cards, I coloured it with Tim Holtz distress ink, various colours, then I stamped it with a bunch of stamps, mostly from Tim Holtz stamps (nope, I'm not being paid by Tim Holtz, but so far, I really like the vintage effect of Tim Holtz products). But really, I think for every scrapbookers out there, Distress Ink is a must have. I think Vintage Photo colour Distress Ink is the inkpad that I use most, besides Versamark.

Before I started the scrapbooking process, I grouped the photos first. I also prepared all the embellishments and the coordinating papers. I tried to used as much used papers as I could, including unused advertisements papers, etc.

I didn't take the photo of my "floor space" when I did the scrapbook since it was very very messy. Papers here and there, stamps, inks, tapes, glues, a big chunk of mess. But I did it anyway!

After only two hours of sleep, I finally finished the scrapbook. Here is the result!

The Cover

One of the inside page, side A.

Side B. So in one side, it is all horizontal, in one side, it is all vertical. The small green box can be opened and inside, I put my personal message.

These are pretty much my most favourite photos of the office member. I miss them all :'(

The accordion, vertical side (side A).

The horizontal side (side B).

For the book closure, I only use simple wide ribbon and tied it. I'm pretty happy with the result. The washi tape proved that it is very versatile and strong. It holds the cards perfectly.

So, that's it! One of my scrapbooking experience.

Ta ta for now.


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