Sunday, May 18, 2014

Tutorial: Double Zippers Pouch

Hello, it's Fili here :)

Mobile phone and digital camera are must-brought-items wherever I go.  It's easier to carry them when I use my double zippers pouch. The pouch has two part inside, side by side. Double zippers pouch is one of the most challenging item that I have made. Nonetheless, trying to make a double zippered pouch is fun! Especially when I managed to solve the mystery on how to make this pouch much easier and faster.

Without further ado, let's check the tutorial!


- Fabric for main body W 24 x L 25 cm
- Fusible interfacing 24 x 25 cm
- Fabric for the tag W 5 x L 6 cm
- Fabrics for lining (make 2) W 21,5 x L 22,5 cm (L1 & L2)
- Dacron (make 2) 21,5 x 22,5 cm
- 2 zippers (25cm at least. Highly preferable to use wide zipper)

How to make

1. Iron the fusible interfacing to the main body.
Make a mark at the center of the main fabric and the zippers.

Fold fabric in half, both vertical and horizontal, then cut a little bit the center fold. Or you just can mark it with chalk.

2. Sew the zippers together and tack every the end of the zipper (to make sure the slider is not going anywhere).

3. Sew the small tag

Meet the bad side of the wide part, sew together (see the picture). Turn it out again so the good side is facing out. Iron, fold in half, and sew it to the left or right side of the main body, at half length of your main body (around 12,5 cm from top).

4. Sew zippers to main body.

Meet the good side of the zipper (both sides) with the good side on the both top of the main body (you have to fold the main body in half). Meet the center mark of your zip with the center mark of your main body.

5. Once you finished sewing the zipper, flatten the fabric with the zipper on the middle (see picture). Sew both open sides and mark a parallel line, 4 cm from all sides (see picture).

6. Square all four the corners.

Meet the sew line of your corner with the folded line of your pouch until it formed a triangle. Sew the triangle along the 4cm mark that you have made from the previous step. Please see picture. (If you're still confuse, please google how to square a pouch ^^)

Cut the excess fabric. Now you have finished making the main body!

7. Now we are going to make the lining for both pockets!

Meet the dacron with the bad side of your lining fabric. Quilt the lining to dacron. Fold and mark the vertical and horizontal edges, just like what we did with the zipper and the main body. Do this for both linings.

8. Now thing is getting more serious. Sew both linings to the middle part of the zipper.

You remembered that you sew both zipper together, right? And on the inside, you can see there's this 0.5 cm of the zipper where both zippers are sewn together, right? Now sandwich the top of both linings with this joint part of the zipper. Meet the good side of both linings with the bad side of the zipper joint. Make sure you meet all the center marks.

Hand stitch first to make it easier. And do it one lining at a time.

Once you finished sewing the middle part, now take the unsewn part of your lining and meet its good side with the other side of the zipper (the part where the zipper meet the main body), so the zipper now is sandwiched between main body and lining.

Hand stitch first to make it easier to sew. Do this for both linings.

9. You now have lining but with open sides. What we have to do next is to close all these open sides. BUT! Left around 5 cm at one of the side open to be the gap for turning the fabric inside out.

Square also all four corners of the lining, 2 cm from the corner.

11. Now turn the inside out via the 5 cm gap.
Close the gap by sewing it really close to the side.


The inside

That's for now, see you later :)



  1. This is a fantastic bag. I can't wait to make a few!

  2. That looks fantastic, thank you for sharing. Great Tutorial. :)

  3. I'm "sew" excited to find this tutorial!!!

    Please tell me, how big does this turn out to be?

    1. the pouch size is L 8 cm x W 13,5 cm x D 5 cm :)

  4. Yeah...I'm so excited about this little pouch!

  5. Very cool! Thank you to quiltingqueen for the heads up! :)

  6. this is brilliant, can't wait to give it a go. thanks!

  7. thank you for the tute but you could tell me what is Dacron?

    1. It's batting, and your welcome :)

    2. Would it work just as well to not put in batting/Dacron, but just do a layer of fabric? Seems so puffy inside taking up room? Maybe I'm missing the reason for the puffy batting?

    3. I think it'll work just fine, I add dacron/batting to minimize the pressure between mobile phone and digicam

  8. Wanted to let you know that I made this little bag today. It was fast and easy!! I am loving it. Plans to make a lot more. Thanks again!!

    1. Hi :)

      We're very happy to know that the tutorial is working. Thank you for trying.
      And we're following your blog. You have awesome posts!

  9. Encore un joli challenge que j'ai bien envie de relever grâce à toi !!! MERCI !!! Hélène et Mahélia

    1. Thank you very much for dropping by and read our tutorial :)

  10. Hi!!
    This is an amazing tutorial! It looks so cute and solves so many of my problems! I just have four questions: 1. What are the final dimensions of the case? 2.Would it be able to fit an iPhone 5S in the one pocket and a Canon Powershoot SX170 in the other? 3.Is there a way to modify the design so that there are 3 pockets? What would the measurements be? 4. Where, how and when would I be able to attach a small strap so that I can carry it on one shoulder?
    Thank you so much! I really love your blog! :)

    1. Hi! Thank you for reading this tutorial <3
      We're trying to answer your questions:
      1. it's l 6cm x 2 13,5 cm x d 5 cm.
      2. For width and length, yup possible. But not sure with the depth of Canon camera.
      3. Yes, of course. We even tried make the three pockets one! just add another zipper plus add 2.5 cm for the main body (outer) fabric.
      4. You can add ring to the small strap at the end of the zipper. Once you have a ring, you basically can hook anything, including a strap :)

      Hope this helps. Please feel free to ask us if you have more questions.


  11. Gracias por este tutorial, esta genial felicidades, Dios te Bendiga

  12. Thanks for this tutorial! What a practical little pouch!

  13. LOVE the fabric you used! It's darling!