Wednesday, October 15, 2014



Fili&Lino here, reporting the bazaar that we just had three weeks ago.

So for the first time, we were at an office bazaar, means a bazaar in a office (duh?) that went for three days. We would like to share some photos and little bit stories behind our first bazaar. Since we knew we're going to be at a bazaar, we already prepared some stocks and (finally!) bought a knock down shelf for product display. In the beginning, we only planned to be at one bazaar, but we ended up being at two different bazaars, with only three days preparation between bazaars!

Without too much talking, here are some photos!

That's us, people!!

Some products that we had. The jeans tote bag is a recycle one, made from old Lino's pants :)

That's Fili, preparing the products for display at our 2x2m stand in the first bazaar.

This is how we display our products. See the shelf? The real colour was weird metalic. Lino dislike it so much she decided to paint it white by herself. Pretty interesting process!

Some photos of people who look at our stand. We were pretty surprise to see the number of people who are interested in our products.

During the first bazaar, we got information and met some event organizers for other bazaar. We were offered the stand for next bazaar but the rental price is just over the top. Fortunately, we met fellow seller who would like to share stand with us, and we decided to took the chance!

This is the photos for our second office bazaar.

It's dark, we didn't have enough lighting that time, but we got a pretty good place.

Mbak Nunung, fellow seller who we shared our stand with. 

Some people who stop by at our stand.

On top of that, we were very happy to see many friends came and stop by to our first office bazaar! Here are some photos.

The bazaar week ended on Oct 2 2014, leaving us with lots of new knowledge and impression. We learnt about what people want from our products, we met new friends, we were open to more bazaar opportunities, and we finally learnt that Indonesian ladies who bargain are one of the most scariest creature, ever. Come on, we made our products by ourselves, we didn't mass produce our products. We pretty much made our product one by one, and we guarantee that we only make one product to each variant. And you still bargain 50% of the price? We were pretty sad with the fact that here, in Jakarta, people still couldn't appreciate handmade very well.

In the end, we would like to say a veeerrryyyy biiiig THANK YOU to everyone who visit our stand, old friends, new friends, pretty much everyone who supported us always. We might have more bazaar in the upcoming month, but not after we finish our long custom order list.

So, here we are, at the end of this post.

Keep on dreaming big, people!



  1. I hope you did well with your sales and enjoyed yourselves!!

    1. We did! Thank you veeeeryy much for reading our blog and all your lovely comments <3