Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Recycled Jeans Bag

Morning, Fili here :)

About a week ago, I had a day off. I decided to spent a quality time for myself: I made a bag from a jeans that I couldn't use any more.

It was gift from my sister and it was very lovely, so I didn't want to give it or throw it away. Because my previous bag is already dull, I decided to make a new bag from this jeans. Plus, I've wanted to do this for quite a time. The plan is to transform this jeans into a backpack. First, I cut the jeans into several parts and split the back pockets so I could use it for new pockets in the front.

The other part of the jeans was used for the bag handles and the flap. Because the jeans itself was not big enough, I added extra fabrics to complete this bag, a flowery one. I wanted  to add some colour to this bag :)

I also added two knots on both sides so I can upgrade the size of the bag.

The back is shadowed, caused by the removed pocket ^^;. This bag can keep a lot of stuff but because I just follow the original form and didn't add any linings, it is not sturdy enough. When the bag is full, it turns into a big

See you next time :)