Thursday, October 25, 2012

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Fabric Flower 1

It's only been three days since our last tutorial and we already made a new one! This time, it's for beginner crafters who never or have basic crafting experience: fabric flowers. You can turn these fabric flowers into anything that you want, from embellishing your clothes, head bands, bags, or even for scrapbooking and home decor. 

For this series, Lino will do three tutorials. The first one is the dark red - dot green fabric flower that I turned into a hair clip. This is a very nice crafting tutorial for crafters who have small girls in the house :) And the best part? You can use their old clothes and plain hair clip and turn them into new ones.


- two types of scrap fabrics with contrasting colour
- button
- plain hair clip 
- needle and thread
- acrylic felt
- glue
- circle template with different diameter


1. Prepare your scrap fabrics. I used my friend's daughter's old clothes (a traditional Indonesian batik) and scrap fabric from fabric that I used to make the gift for giveaway competition. It is better if you iron the fabrics first, but since I'm such a lazy a**, I skipped this part. Make sure the size of your scrap fabrics is big enough for six circles.

2. Cut six circles from each fabric. Each fabric must have a different size of circle. I decided to make the red batik fabric as the background layer and the green dot fabric as the upper layer. The circular template for the red fabric has to be bigger than the green one.

These are my templates, a lid and a tape!
I'm not really sure about the size, it's around 5cm for the lid and 4cm for the tape.

This is how I cut the circles.

- draw a circle, then cut the fabrics that probably fit for 6 circles, or you can cut the fabric first then draw a circle. 

- fold the fabric, then cut it together. 

- Voila! Circles! It seems I made too many of them :D

- Do the same with the other fabric, but use a smaller circle template.

3. Now let's go to the fun part. Before we fold the circles, cut a small circle to be the base of your flower. Since I have these annoying small cuts of the green fabrics, I used them as my base.

- Fold the circle into half

- Fold it into half again, so it becomes a quarter of a circle. Glue the inside of the pointed part of your quarter circle (the inside of the area that I cover with my thumb) to ensure the shape of the quarter circle. This will be your petals

- Glue the petal to the base fabric with the folded part on the right/the open part on the left. Of course you can do the opposite, but make sure you're consistent with what you're doing.

- Do the same with other circles. Glue the next petals to the right of the previous petal. Basically, the open part of the new petals must overlap the folded part of the previous petal. Because we're using 6 petals flower, it must overlap 1/3 of the previous petal (I'm sure all of you are very good in math and understand why it has to overlap 1/3 of the previous petal).

- Now you already know the idea: fold the rest of the circles into petals, then glue the petals to the base fabric, overlapping 1/3 of previous petals. 

- When you reach the last petal, do not forget to tuck the folded part under the open part of the first petal that you glue to the base fabric.

Unfortunately I was too excited so I forgot to take a photo of the complete first layer.

4. Do exactly the same thing with the green circles for the upper layer. Glue the first petal, then glue the next petal on the folded part of previous petal, overlapping 1/3 of it.

This is the photo of a complete two layers. Isn't it cute? 

5. Now add a cute button to your petals! I decided to use a pink button. Sew it or glue it, it's up to you. I usually do both, just because I'm easily freaked out if the button comes out.

Now let's go to the hair clip.

6. Glue the hair pin to the back of the fabric flower. It can be quite messy, but that's ok, cause we'll cover it with felt later.

Since I don't trust glue that much, I also sew the clip to the flower. After you've finished sewing it, glue the felt to cover all the mess that we've done.


Aaanndd, FINISHED! You have a new hair clip for your daughters/cousins/nieces/friends/relatives or even yourself.

Another idea is to use different fabrics for one layer, like the bottom left flower in the first photo.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab some old unused fabrics/damaged clothes and turn them into this pretty flower :D



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