Sunday, November 8, 2015

Lunch Box


Fili here! I intended to write this post last week but I had to postpone it since we need to prepare our next event. I'm going to talk about our latest finished custom order, a lunch box with thermal lining.

Our customer requested to use a laminated Kokka fabric as the main fabric. It's quite a challenge to sew this one, the laminated fabric wouldn't move forward when I tried to sew it on the machine. I tried a few tricks until  I found that the fabric must be sewn with the wrong side in the bottom or sew the fabrics together with other parts so the laminated side won't stick.

In addition to that, sewing the thermal lining was very challenging. I must resew it several times to make the lining fitted. The thermal lining also looks pretty easy to tear apart, it only consists of a thin aluminium like sheet and some sheer foam. It doesn't have any fibers or grain, so I have to be very careful when sewing it.

This is the photo of the inside:

The lunch box is smaller than the previous one that I made, so I used a single handle on top instead of two handles in the front and back side.

That's it, see you next time!


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