Friday, January 11, 2013

More Crafty Stuffs from The Land of Rising Sun

If you love craft, Japan is a great place for you. They have lots of interesting stuffs, materials and books.

When Lino guided her aunts to Asakusa, the shop around the Sensoji really tempted you to buy them. All the bags, pouches, purses, everything are very Japanese-ish and cute! Unfortunately Lino didn't buy anything, but the stuffs there is something that looks like this, this, this and this.

But the real deal if you visit Japan is to buy their craft book, cause Japan has thousands of it. Where to buy? Any book store will do fine. Lino bought one purse making book and Cotton Friend, a sewing magazine complete with patterns. The price of the book is around 1300 yen, while the magazine is 900 yen.

Wait, only two?? Nope. Cause if you want to find cheap book, CDs, games, you go to Book Off. Lino visited three Book Off around Asakusa and Shinjuku area. Unfortunately, Book Off in downtown Tokyo is quite small, much smaller than the Book Off that Lino visited in Hiroshima City. Still, Lino succesfully found various interesting book/magazine in very good condition with bargain price. Some of the result of her hunt here (you can also see the price tag):

In the end, Lino bought nine craft book/magazine. She would love to bought more but her luggage (and wallet) won't allow her.

Next, if you love craft, you have to visit Tokyu Hands (fyi it also has online shop. Dang!). It has bric a brac, souvenirs, stationeries, cute stuffs to hand craft materials. The one that Lino visited was in Shinjuku inside Takashimaya building. It also has Yuzawaya on 11th floor. Thank God Lino already visited Nippori before, because the fabric price at Yuzawaya is much expensive than stores in Nippori.

Lino was caught in awe when she saw hundreds of washi tapes in Tokyu Hands. There are just too many colourful and excellent design washi tapes there. After contemplating for a while, she finally decided to buy some washi tape. It surely cost a lot for her, but how many times she had chance to visit Japan?

These are the washis.

She also bought the colourful Frixion Pen. Frixion pen is surely a breakthrough in stationery world, cause the ink can be erased by forever there eraser on the tip of the pen. 

So that's all. Lino was broke (like TOTALLY broke), but she's happy.


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  1. Those magazines look amazing!! I only have a couple Cotton time mags, sadly they're quite expensive. :( so it was a good call to look in Book-Off!!
    I can't wait to see the awesome crafts you'll produce!

    Greetings! :D/