Saturday, May 18, 2013

A bunch of travel wallet

Holiday is in the air!

No wonder we received lots of travel wallet requests from friends and families. I've made not less than eight (!) travel wallet already. Pfiuuh. So today I would like to share you the wallet that I've made. I've mentioned about this travel wallet before, but this time, I have more of them with different fabrics :)

The wallet dimension is (about) w 23cm x h 21 cm. The pocket inside the wallet has to be wide enough to store a passport, put your boarding pass and other documents, but not too big to make it comfortable in your hand.

Warning: some photos are taken with my phone camera, hence the awful colour and photo quality.

1. Omamori wallet

I bought the fabric in Japan, a fat quarter for 125 yen. I combined it with local brown twill, light brown stripe and dot and a light green cotton fabric.

2. The Purple Deer

I bought this fabric at Tomato Nippori. I feel in love with in the first glance. It is a 100% cotton fabric with texture that is very similar with Kokka's Echino line. 

3. Slipper Wallet

I found this fabric at Canberra Craft and Quilt Fair. I forgot which stall, but probably Wabi Sabi? This is an original Japanese fabric (not like the one that I found at Tanah Abang). The colour combination is very nice and the fabric is quite thick (especially compared with our local fabrics!). I combined it with Riley Blake's Green Plaid from Farm Fresh, yellow dot, and a salmon pink fabric. I personally really like this one, and wish I have this one instead of making it for someone XD

So, that's all. I still have more but unfortunately I don't have the pic. 

See you!


  1. Are you selling these somewhere, like on etsy? I love them!

    1. Yes, you can take custom order at our etsy shop
      just give us the details :)