Saturday, February 23, 2013

A craft blog: our work list so far!

Yo yo yo, it's Lino again.

Today I would like ramble a bit about what we do at the moment.

Fili&Lino is starting to be active offline and online. We're planning to blog more often and share more stories about crafting. Not to mention we have quite a big plan ahead. Probably around May? We'll tell you when it happens.

Now, I would like to thank ALLLLLL readers and friends who participated and commented in our giveaway post. We still have 4 more days to go, so if you read this and still haven't join the giveaway, be quick :)

Next, the waiting list for Fili&Lino custom order is loooonnggg. So far, both Fili and Lino have around 16 stuffs to make until next month. Tiring, but we're happy making each of them. To make it quick, I simultaneously make five things at once, even though each of them are different. This is my first five from the work list:

(L - R: Tote Bag, Tote Bag (different size and shape), passport case, pencil case/pouch, hand bag).

So far, I finished adding the fusible interfacing to four of them (minus the tote bag number 2 from the left) and finished the custom order passport case. Since I used to travel quite often, I have this kind of idea on what should I have on my passport case. This is the result:

Passport case: two sleeves, one zippered sleeve, card sleeve, one pocket in passport size and a pen place.

My friend specially requested this type of pattern. Why? Because it looks like one of Kimura Takuya's wardrobe <3 Unfortunately, even though it is 100% cotton, the fabric somehow quite coarse and the checker can't line properly. It keeps on leaning to one side. But thankfully my friend is very happy with the result, so...

That's all from Lino today.

Stay tune because Fili have something for you soon.



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