Friday, March 1, 2013

Rolling Daruma


This time we present you a tutorial on how to make a daruma pouch. You can find more about daruma here.
FYI, we had a 24 daruma projects before and this is some kind of a continuation of that project.


- Outer and lining fabrics size 15x15 cm and 17x15 cm
- Lightweight fusible interfacing
- Creme, yellow, white, gray and black felt
- 17 cm zipper
- Glue
- Red yarn
- Pencil and paper

You can download the plain pattern here, but there was some mistake I made when I draw the middle horizontal line in the body part, it's too low. You can ignore it and use the pattern as the size reference.


How to

1. Cut the corner of outer and lining fabrics into a curve

Draw a curve line in one of the corner. Fold the fabric twice (horizontally and vertically) until all four sides are stacking up. Cut.

2. Sew

Prepare all the face parts.

First, draw all of the face parts in the paper. Later you can use it as the pattern.

Face part & materials:
a. Main face: cream felt L 8 cm x W 10 cm, eight-like shape
b. Eyes part 1: yellow felt, diameter 4 cm. I use a coin to get the shape and enlarge the size as you can see in the picture, the circle in the bottom.
c. Eyes part 2: white felt, diameter 2,5 cm
d. Eyes part 3: black felt, diameter 2 cm
e. Eyebrows: black felt. Cut it into a raindrop shape L 2,5 cm. Fit the wide with the remaining space between the eye and the seam.
f. Mustache: black felt. Cut it into a quarter moon-shape L 3 cm.


Cut the gray felt into a small arbitrary triangle shape. Be careful to not lose the nose because it is really small.

3. Face Parts

Iron the fusible interfacing into the main face. Cut the excess.


I use a small amount of glue to help the face parts stay right in the position. Place the glue in the center. Sew. Repeat the process for the Eyes 2.

 Sew the main face into the outer fabric size 15 x 15 cm, place it a bit higher from the horizontal center line.

Glue the Eyes 3, eyebrows and mustache then sew it.


Place the nose a bit lower from the center horizontal line. Handstitch.


Draw the smile line. Hand sews using back stitches to form the smile.

Cut yellow felt into six small raindrop shape. Glue it under the face then finish with hand stitches.

Apply the Zipper

Cut the 17 x 15 cm outer fabric and lining into two pieces. The size is optional. You can cut it in half horizontally or vertically, a little bit higher or lower, left or right.

Because I often misplaced the zipper if I sew the outer fabric + lining + zipper all together, I sew the zipper with the outer first then sew them both with the lining. Feel free to use any method of sewing zipper.

Now is time to put the front and back side together. Meet the good side of the front with the good side of the back. Sew it with around 1 cm seam allowance. Finish the excess with the overlocker.

In case you don't have an overlocker, french seam the pouch. Meet the bad side of the front with the bad side of the back. Sew it with approx 0.5cm seam allowance. Cut the excess a little bit. Open the zipper, turn it inside out. Sew the seam again with approx 0.6cm seam allowance or until you feel the fabric excess is already fully hidden. Please be aware that if you use a french seam, the size will be slightly smaller.

Note: If by any chance the back side is bigger than the front, cut it according to the front side.


Thank you for reading this post. Feel free to try this, it will be my pleasure :)

See you later!



  1. It's so cute. Make me want to learn making one. Nicely done ^^

    1. Thank you. If you finally try to make one, please let us know. We would love to see it too.