Friday, February 15, 2013

Kembang gula Bear

Hello Fili here :)

This time I'll introduced you to Kembang gula (or Cotton candy in english) bear.

I used cotton batik fabric. I wanted to try some variation in bear making, so I decided to use batik and felt for the nose and eyes.

His measurement is:
L = 25"
W =  12"

When I bought the fabric, I didn't have a proper knowledge about batik. I was very shock to know that the colour faded significantly when I wash it. It was very heart breaking, especially when you already fell in love with the fabric. Because of that reason, I made him into a sitting-type bear rather than cuddle-type. The pattern of this fabric can be formed into a symmetric pattern. However, I cut it as I like so the pattern became random like this ^^;.

Jointed legs and arms

His back

note: He's a male bear, even though he has soft colours and 'Kembang gula' as his name :)

I hope we can update here more often. At the moment, our schedule is a bit hectic. However, we'll try our best to update more.

That's it. See you later :)



  1. He is so adorable! Very beautiful fabric, too.

  2. that's cute! i always adore someone that can sew (^-^;)
    and yes.. you can't wash batik just like you wash other clothes. it needs some technique and special detergent too. if you wash it using common detergent, just soak it for couple minutes, then rinse it ^^