Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial: Easy Peasy Fabric Flower 2

I know it's been ages since our last fabric flower tutes, but it doesn't mean we forgot it.
So, here is the second instalment of our fabric flower tutes.

This time, we're going to make the bottom right flower in this photo.

- One fabric stripe approx. 20x4 cm. The longer the stripe, the wavier it will become. If you want to make a bigger fabric flower, you can make the stripes wider.
- One fabric stripe approx, 20x5 cm.
- Needle and thread
- Coordinating button (I made my own fabric-covered button)
- Glue
- (optional) Felt if you want to hide the back of the flower

1. Fold around 0.5 cm of your stripe in the both ends. Glue it.

2. Fold in half, lengthwise

3. Start sewing the open side using running stitch/basting stitch. If you want it faster, you can fan fold the fabric, then stitch the fabric. Do it until you reach the end of your stripe.

4. Pull the thread until your stripe becomes a full circle like this.

5. Now close the gap. Join both ends. Continue sewing. to the outer part of the circle. My trick is to sew from the back side of the circle (you decide which one), then sew it under the 0.5cm folded part, so the stitch won't show in the good side of the circle.

6. And that's your first circle! Make another circle from the other stripe. Once you finished, put it on top of your first circle. Glue them together, then sew it.

7. Add the button. I always glue and sew. VOILA! Another easy peasy fabric flower. 

Ideas: You can add the flower to your head band, attach it to your hair clip, make a brooch from it, or you can add it to your pouch/bags to give some interesting accent. You can always use fabrics from your old clothes to make this. 


- To make a nice fabric flower, do not use medium - heavy weight fabric, since it will make the flower too bulky.
- Try to combine contrasting but coordinated colours. I like playing with colorsontheweb to have some ideas on colour coordination.

So, that's all for now. Enjoy!


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