Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Tutorial: Triangle pouch/pencil case + small giveaway! Yay!

Another tutorial! This must be a very productive for Fili&Lino.

Last year, a friend showed me a pencil case/pouch with a unique design. It's like a triangular pyramid but not.  So based on my vague memory, I recreated the pencil case. Voila, the result is an easy unique pouch that can be made in less than an hour! In case you need a last minute gift for a friend, this will do.

- Outer and lining fabrics size 25x21 cm
- Two pieces of lightweight - medium fusible interfacing size 25x21 cm
- zipper (I used the 25cm zipper)
- D-ring
- small fabric for d-ring strap (I used the excess of my self-made bias binding)

How to

1. Iron the fusible interfacing to the wrong side of the outer and lining fabrics.

2. This is optional, but I prefer to work without the metal closure of the zipper. I pull out the closure and sew the end of the zipper. This makes a little bit longer zipper and a hassle free sewing a zipper. My sewing machine often hit the metal closure, which caused a broken sewing needle.

3. Sandwich the outer, zipper and lining. Meet the good side of outer with good side of zipper and good side of lining with the bad side of zipper. Pin it.

4. Sew the zipper with zipper foot. Then, fold the fabrics on the seam to the opposite side so the zipper can now be seen. Top stitch.

5. Bring the open side of the fabric to the zipper. Fold the fabric, then meet the good side of outer with good side of zipper and good side of lining with the bad side of zipper. Pin it.

6. Sew. After you sew it, open the zipper in the middle and turn the fabric over. Now the good side of both outer and lining are facing you. Open the zipper as wide as possible. Top stitch.

It will look like this, with both sides open wide.

7. Now let's make the D-ring strap.

I cut the excess of my bias tape, which is around 3.5 cm x 6 cm. Cut two pieces.
Meet the good sides, sew on the right and left of the pieces. Turn it over. Top stitch about 0.5cm from the sides. Put the d-ring on the strap, fold the strap into two. I always glue the d-ring to the strap, just because I'm that paranoid.

8. Attach the strap on the good side of the pouch. Sew it around 5cm from the zipper on one of the open side.

9. Open the zipper and turn it over again through the whole on the open sides (the gap between the bad side of the outer and bad side of lining). Open it so the good side of the outer will meet the good side of outer, good side lining will meet good side lining, and zipper will be in the middle. 

Sew, but only on one side. Sew it a few times, especially around the strap area. Cut the excess.

10. Turn it over again. This time through the hole in the open side (make sure your zipper is wide open or you can't turn it over). Once you already have your good side again, flatten the open side with the zipper in the middle (the position of the other side: zipper on top).

Now it's french seam time! Sew around 0.5cm from the side. Cut the excess and trim it a little bit. Make the seam less than 0.5cm from the side. Make sure that it is neat enough.

11. Turn it inside out. The lining is facing you and the outer is inside. Sew the side that you just sew before around 0.6cm from the side.

Turn it over.

VOILA!! An easy unique pouch!!

I attached a small charm on the zipper.

And this is the view of the pouch if you add a strap on it (the strap belongs to my other clutch).

Other idea: you can use bias tape instead of french seam-in.

Now you've reached the end of this post. It's the GIVEAWAY TIME!

I'm giving away this pouch (and other stuff, but it's a surprise <3). Simply because I don't need it and made it only for tutorial purpose. If you're interested, just follow our blog/twitter or like our facebook fanpage or add our etsy to fav store. Anything will do, and one is more than enough. Once you finished doing that, in case we missed it, please put a message on our comment box.

Any entries will be raffled through online generator. This giveaway is open until Wednesday, 27 February 2013 23:59 GMT + 8.

So, that's it. Hope you enjoy the tutes.



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