Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Fili&Lino Giveaway Competition 2

The time for second competition has come :D

This time, the prize is a set of a stripe yellow tote bag, purse and a mobile phone case.


and a special prize for people with an interesting and creative promotion words

We changed the rule a little bit, so please read carefully :)

Who are eligible?

Everyone, where ever you are. This competition is open worldwide.


Promote Fili&Lino in social media.


This competition is open for five days, from Wednesday, 7 November 2012 - 11 November 2012, 23:59 GMT+07:00. Please be careful of the time zone.

The details

1. Promote Fili&Lino in any social media. How? For example (1) "Like" our giveaway competition photo album in our facebook or "like" our facebook page, (2) Follow our twitter and retweet the tweet abour our competition, (3) All kind of promotion in another social media.

- No matter how much you "retweet" "like" "reblog" or others, one social media will be counted as one entry. 
- If you are a past customer of Fili&Lino, you will automatically have one entry
- If you purchase Fili&Lino product within the time frame, you will also have additional one entry
- If you decide to only have one entry (to promote Fili&Lino in one social media) that is perfectly fine.    However, even if you are our customer and already have an entry, you will still need to do the promotion.
- If you decide to promote in other social media, please let us know by sending us e-mail/comment our facebook page/tweet to us. We can only track retweet/mentions on twitter and like on facebook.

2. If you decided to add your own words to promote Fili&Lino, there will be a special prize for people who make the most interesting and creative promotional ad words/tag lines.

How to decide the winner

Similar to previous competition, each entry name will be put in to generate the random number, then a number will be generated from to have the winner.

Get ready... and GO!



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