Monday, November 12, 2012

Giveaway Competition Part 2: The Winners

Finally we got the result!

We got one name using  from total 33 entries :)

and the winner is...


Sally Salsabila aka @sally_salsabila

Congrats for Sally who win a set of a yellow stripe bag, purse and mobile phone case :D

And the winner for the special prize, for promoted us in wittiest, funniest, coolest promotional ad words/tag lines is...


Almaida Rangkuti aka @almaidaaa

Congrats for Alma who win a mini plaid teddy bear :D

Congratulations for the winners *throws confetti* :D
and don't forget to contact us for the most convenient ways to collect your prizes.

Thank you so much for all friends who participated in this competition and help us promote Fili&Lino :)

See you next time :D

Lots of love,


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