Wednesday, November 28, 2012

(Updated) Wanshan Ronpin Doll

Hello, Fili here :)

Let's greet this little guy, his name is Maruyama Ryuhei, one of the member of Kanjani8, my favorite group :)
He's in his Wanshan Ronpin costume, one of his solo song. I  was inspired to make this doll when I had lots of scrap jersey fabrics. I really like the costume and after a while, I finally had a chance to make it!

Firstly, I made a sketch of his costume. I simplified some parts of the costume because of the materials limitation and my limited skill that can't reach some of the details. I started this project about two months ago. It took quite a long time because I couldn't get all the parts and materials in the same time. Not to mention I had other projects while completing this.

Unfortunately there is some problems occurred: his left leg joint is perforated. I misplaced the leg, it sewn it higher than where it should be, so it had a small hole when I turn it outside.

(Ps: Sorry for the crappy images, my pocket camera can't handle close up shoot very well)

I didn't remake the body part because every time I redo something, there's always a change in it, even though I use the same pattern! Fortunately, after almost two months, the hole is not getting bigger, it stays like that.


'Maru' Kanji in his back

Without his cap
I really enjoy my time making this doll. His unique costume is really worth to try :)


His measures:
length (w/o his cap) = 20"
width (body w/o hands) = 6"
hand lenght = 6"

aaand he have a healthy leg now! no more holes in it :D
I get a suggestion to fix it with hidden stitch from Maye, after I try it turns out too tight because the stuff recessive, I must take out some of the stuff. While doing that the idea to sew it come, honestly my hidden stitch skill is still poor, the stitch was exposed and not so neat. His height reduced about 2 cm after that

For Maye, thank you so much you really give me a courage ;)




  1. The doll looks great!
    Congratulations for your hard work.

    (Even when the leg has a little hole, I don't think it would be troublesome if you mend it with a hidden stitch to avoid tearing on the fabric)

    1. Thank you so much :D

      I'll try it, I was too afraid to do anything before so I let the hole as it was. Wish me luck

      btw, I'm Eci (aka. Fili) if you don't mind, what can I call you? :)

  2. Hello, Eci! :D/

    Here's a tutorial that might be of help: Good luck!
    As it will be a small one, I think it's gonna be ok. :)

    You can call me Maye! :D

    1. Thank you soooo much Maye *hug*

    2. Eci,
      Too bad you had to disarm and assemble again!
      But I'm glad it turn out OK and you're satisfied with the doll. :)
      You're welcome! (It's not like I did much anyway! XD)

    3. no, it's totally fine really :D
      yes, I'm satisfied now, to release him in his best condition is a relieve
      you give me a courage to fix the hole, that was a great help for me :)