Monday, November 12, 2012

Recycled: Father old vest

Hello it's Fili again :)

I posted this on my private journal but since it was friends-locked, I'll post it again here. I recycled my father old vest into a teddy bear one year ago. I was a *little* bad girl at that time: I didn't ask his permission, so when I started cut the vest, my father saw. He was sighing so deeply, he said "I had a lot of memories in it". After this incident, I got a lesson to not cut someone's clothes before asking their permission.

I love the colours and the stripe pattern. Since the vest was no longer worn by us *it was inherited from my father to his son and daughter, including me*, so I decided to make a teddy bear from it. It wasn't very neat. It was one of my earliest teddy bear that I made it's not that I'm already good at it now but at least it's neater now than before   ^^;

Sorry there was no picture of the vest. I rarely took any picture of the process at that time. Because the vest is not really big so I added other fabric to complete the parts. I think I choose the wrong colour because it's not really matched with the vest.

Jointed hands and legs.

For the final touch, I added a ribbon to the bear.

That's it :)v


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